MARCOS ,Marine Commandos Patrolling Dal Lake ahead of G20 Summit in Srinagar.


The Marcos Indian Commandos, also known as the Marine Commandos, are an elite special forces unit of the Indian Navy. With their exceptional training, specialized skills, and unwavering dedication, the Marcos have established themselves as one of the finest special operations forces in the world.

In View of the upcoming G-20 summit these commandos are seen patrolling Dal Lake and are ready to combat any untoward incident with their highly physical, mental, and tactical abilities.Their training equips them with the skills necessary to operate effectively in various environments, such as jungles, deserts, mountains, and urban settings.

Real-Life Applications of MARCOS Commandos

The skills acquired through Marco Commandos training find practical applications in various real-life scenarios. These highly trained commandos are deployed in counterterrorism operations, hostage rescues, intelligence gathering missions, and other high-risk situations. Their ability to operate covertly, make split-second decisions, and adapt to dynamic environments make them a valuable asset in combating terrorism and safeguarding national security.

Marcos Commandos were amongst the first special forces to repond to hostage situation at Hotel Taj during 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

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