Kashmir Rainfall Trends on Google



Kashmir Rainfall Trends On Google
                                                                                      Kashmir Rainfall Trends On Google

Srinagar In the past two days Kashmir has been trending on Google searches due to the roadblocks on the highway that connects Srinagar with Jammu.


Kashmir is experiencing unending rains that have caused an increase in river levels as well as blocking roads across the country.

According to Google Trends, ‘Kashmir” keyword has been searched more than 5 000 times over the last 12 hours, primarily because of the blockade on the highway that is national.

The most frequent sentences typed into Google comprise “Why is the Srinagar-Jammu highway extremely risky”; “When will the highway be open to traffic”; “Shooting tones and land slides on the Srinagar and Jammu the national road.”

On Thursday, searches for the highway using Google’s Google engines in Kashmir exceeded 100 which is the highest point in the world.

All developments pertaining to the highway were reported by the 18th of April when the graph revealed that web users’ searches have been between 50 and 70. Between April 19 and 20 the number of searches for roads on Google crossed the mark of 80-100.

Google Trends calculates Google Trends is based on graphs that show the frequency of any search phrase on a scale of one to. Hundred is the most high level.

On Thursday the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway reopened after hours of being closed due to landslides that were observed in Hingni in Ramban and Nachlana at Ramban.

In light of the ongoing rain and the continuous rain, the Traffic Department has urged people to make the journey only after getting verification of Traffic Control Units.

Two people including a conductor and a driver passed away after the truck in which they were travelling was struck by a large boulder close to Digdole on the Srinagar-Jammu highway.

Kashmir Rainfall Trends On Google
                                         Kashmir Rainfall Trends On Google

Due to the risk of landslides, shooting stones and landslides along the highways after the heavy rains, a lot of people are currently trapped in Jammu.

“For the past three days, ” the road has been shut down frequently and reopening. We do not want to risk of traveling in adverse conditions. We are left with no choice other to travel on the road since air tickets are expensive,” said Mohammad Saleem a student currently his feet in Jammu.

A spokesperson of the Traffic Control Room said that the clearance works are being carried out to ease the flow of traffic along the highway.

In the meantime it is reported that it is reported that the Meteorological Department has forecasted light to moderate rain in scattered locations is expected over the next 24 hours.

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